Bloodborne Pathogens

Course highlights:
• The bloodborne pathogen course is designed for any individual or employee who has a reasonable anticipation of contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials as a result of performing designated job duties
• Real-life scenario videos, full-color printed materials and clear, concise course content
• 1-year certification
• 1-hour class
• Classroom or blended learning options available

Class topics include:
• OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
• Specific Bloodborne Pathogens (Hepatitis B,
Hepatitis C, HIV)
• Hepatitis B Immunization
• Your Company’s Exposure Control Plan
• Transmitting Bloodborne Pathogens
• Methods to Control the Risks of Exposure
• When an Exposure Occurs
• Housekeeping (regulated waste, contaminated laundry, decontaminating surfaces)


Classes are set up and taught on site at your location.  Certification Cards are issued the same day upon successful completion of the course.

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